Interpreting performance warnings

i thought i got my noddle around capacity, units and performance but ive just seen this and im trying to make sense of it…the API message…is this just for this page load this one time or more a general informative message about the page? yep i have a fair bunch of api calls but they are only return single string text. BTW im running with 2 extra units and boost makes no real difference so i know i need to change stuff

Your application could have been 43 seconds faster since page load with more capacity. You add more capacity in the Settings Tab of the Editor.Your application could have been 36 seconds faster since page load with more capacity. You add more capacity in the Settings Tab of the Editor.API calls on this page have downloaded more than 1.2 megabytes. This can slow down your app, you should look into making different calls.

Whoa, 43 seconds!?!?! Something isn’t right here. Can you share a link to the app so others can test it out? That type of load time isn’t going to work for anybody, we gotta find a way to get it down.

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im just fixing the obvious but its strange Andrew it does not actually take that long to load…in real time …5 seconds which is reasonable…but shows these warnings …im on the pro plan with 2 extra units…its not so easy to test as its a sub app connected via the app connector so rather convoluted although this page is not referencing anything from the main app… It’s working in isolation

Maybe I’ve been wrong in my thinking, but I have always interpreted those performance messages not as time to load a page, but rather, time spent processing things after page loads. So it would include any processing after a user clicks a button, changes a field value with autobind, etc. that touch the server. So saving 43 seconds might really be shaving two second of a dozen or more small tasks.

Again, just what I assumed…Would be nice to know the real answer though!

I’m sure you’re correct… I believe its an amalgamation. My question was more posed in regards to the performance warning of the API which I have never seen before although I use API calls extensively. I don’t quite understand size… Sure… I’m making 6 GET API calls but the returned JSON are tiney tiny so I’m not sure where the consumption and size comes from. That would be helpful to know

The performance warnings honestly feel totally pointless. No insightful info that helps understand what it’s even referring to - This session? This page? The whole app? Is it only the testing/live version? Etc. Just nothing helpful at all.

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