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Intersect more than 2 lists

Hi, I want to intersect 3 lists.

This is what I am doing but apparently is not working:

List 1 intersect with List 2 intersect with List 3

Any solution?

Try posting a screenshot of how you’ve currently constructed it, and someone may be able to point out the right way.

Thanks, here it is.


Can’t make out what you’re trying to do just from this – just that this is a workflow step that’s pulling lists from prior steps. Try explaining the overall goal (like, what your app is actually trying to do here) and providing more context, like the overall workflow. It may be there’s a better way to do this.

But a few things…

  1. Are you able to intersect 2 lists? In other words, is this a question of intersecting 3 lists, or being able to intersect at all?
  2. What’s happening with the expression as you have it written?
  3. Sometimes a complex expression with 3+ steps won’t run the way you think it should… so break it up into different components (one workflow step has 2 components, and the next workflow step is applied to the result of the prior step)

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