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Intersect of lists

Hi, developers!

I have a repeating group of tours. Each tour has a list of categories. And the page contains multidropdown of categories.

At the moment I have two categories, a tour with two categories, and three tours under one category (and one of them is different)

I want to get intersection of ‘multidropdown’ categories and ‘repeating group’ categories. For this I used the condition from:

I used the advice from this topic and did that:

But when I select categories in the dropdown, all elements are displayed.
Conditional of text element:
…gives me ‘1’ if I select one category and gives ‘2’ if I select two categories.

I think the condition takes all categories from all tours of the group and, in this case, always finds an intersection. And always getting a count greater than zero, it just prints out all the elements. I don’t know how this can be explained otherwise. Maybe I was just wrong in the condition

Can you help me? Thank you in advance