Intersect with:count=0 does not work?

Need help please,

I have a form where a car is defined. In the form there is a multidropdown (auto-binding) which picks colors from the colors table. The moment you choose a color, a color will be added to the list of colors of the car and the current car will be added to the car list of the color which is selected. (Last one is for performance of viewing lists)

So far it’s an easy job. But then comes the challenge. Now I remove that same color in the multidropdown and I want to delete that car in the car list of the removed color.

The problem here is that you cannot simply say “remove current car in car list of the last removed color in multidropdown” Right?

Now I thought I could filter that removed color by using the “intersect with:count = 0” operation but it acts like “if there is not one intersect between the current car and the colors then the workflow will be executed”. But in my case there can still be an intersection (see example where by adding three colors red, blue and yellow, the car has three intersections and after removing two colors red and blue, the car has one intersection. So in the example I want to remove car 1 from color red and color blue, because these are the colors I just removed in the dropdown.

What am I missing here? And it would be great if there i s an operation like “remove current car in car list of the last removed color in multidropdown”


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