"intersect with" to create a new thing using a database trigger?

Hey guys!

I’m encountering an issue with two data types I have: “snapshot profile” and “customer profile.” They are both lists.

Here’s what I’m attempting to accomplish:

In “snapshot profile” there are a lot of email addresses. Whenever a new email is submitted within “snapshot profile” I would like to search the database to determine if the email already exists. If it does, I want to create a new thing in “customer profile” which is the same matching email.

Here’s what I’ve attempted so far:

I implemented a database trigger event to search for a matching “email” field whenever a new entry is submitted to the same list (snapshot profile). This is what my backend code looks like:

I tried many different expressions like the one below, but none of them worked

Would appreciate any ideas

Hi @Abdullah.b :wave:

I don’t get it why you are using “Intersect with” to make this validation. :thinking:

Why don’t you just make a Search forsnapshot profiles” that have the entered email to see if it already exists.