Interview scheduling tool across timezones

Hi all,

I’m looking to build a solution for efficiently scheduling an interview, where 4 separate participants should join, where each participant will likely be across different timezones.

I’ve scoured the forum for this one, however would appreciate help on the following 2 items:

  • Is what I describe below possible in bubble? (I haven’t been able to find any suitable 3rd party tools either)
  • If possible, would appreciate a pointer in the right direction?

I’ve tried to illustrate what I am wanting to build on this bubble page:

The steps are:

  1. A “date range” is defined over which the interview will take place

  2. An "interview duration” is selected which dictates how each day is divided into time slots - see this google sheet:

  3. From “1” & “2” the full availability grid can be produced

  4. 4 interview participants are added, where critically the following 2 things are defined:

a) Sequential order - this can be a value “1-3” and defines the order in which participants are asked to submit their availabilities
b) Final chooser - this is a yes/no value, and defines who will finally pick the slot to be scheduled

  1. The “availability grid” goes to the participant with “order 1” to complete their availabilities

  2. Once “5” is submitted, the remaining slots are sent to participant with “order 2” to complete their availabilities

  3. Once “6” is submitted, the remaining slots now left are sent to participant with “order 3” to complete

  4. Once “7” is submitted, the remaining slots go to the “final chooser” to schedule a slot from the available options

  5. A calendar invite is then sent to all 4 participants

(Note in the above - there is some timezone complexity too)

Based upon my research, if the above is possible in bubble, I understand I might have 3 options:

  1. RG calendar options - [HOW-TO] Create a custom Calendar using repeating group

  2. REGEX option - Can a custom state store a table or array? is a custom state better than a database thing?

  3. CG Pro by @keith - Calendar Grid Pro: Calendar Generator, Date Picker, Date Range Picker Like Airbnb, | Now at Version 1.6.1 - Fixes a Safari Compatibility Issue, minor bugfix

The challenge is a lot of the above articles, and those read, seem to focus on slightly different use cases, which means that I’m not exactly where to start.

I have also had a brief go at thinking about the DB structure, and understanding date/time & their operations - however, would really appreciate a guide as to where to start if it is possible in bubble.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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