[Interview Series] Air Force to AgTech: An Interview with Barn Owl

Hi All,

I am excited to announce Episode 9 of our interview series where we chat with members of the Bubble community and discuss cool projects they are working on. We also cover their goals for their business/app and what they would like to see from Bubble over the coming months. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments, so post them on the blog post directly! If you would like to share your story, just DM me here

[Interview Series] Air Force to AgTech: An Interview with Barn Owl


Hey @neerja, thanks for doing these!

Do you release them on a podcast channel? I tend to listen to this kind of thing off my phone in the car, and it is too much of a fiddle to find it on the forum or your web site, so they don’t get listened to!

To have them on a subscribed channel on my podcast app would make them soooo much more accessible.



@antony Podcasts are a really cool idea :slight_smile: I’ll look into it for the next one


Quick note on this:Anchor.fm makes it super, super easy to create a podcast from your existing audio files. Could be worth looking at for a low-effort way of making it available!


Podcasts would be a great addition for the future.

And if possible, it would be nice to have individual members of the Bubble team on, just to casually discuss the platform and their background as a interview type series.


Hey Andrew, I’m going to make podcasts to promote my Bubble app, so thanks for the recommendation about anchor.fm! :slight_smile:

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