Introducing Duct: The premier sub-contract management platform built on Bubble!

I am excited to introduce Duct at ! Entirely built on Bubble. Bubble has been absolutely extraordinary when it comes to the development of both our web app and now, the beginning works of our mobile app.

Duct is a sub-contract management platform that allows the average American service worker to manage and run there own service business. Duct connects you, the service worker, with commercial clients while you focus on the work while providing an easy to use interface to manage all and any project imaginable. Contractors, never say no to a project due to limited employee count again!

Sign up, share or let me know if you see any bugs or items that could use some debugging. Thanks again Bubble community! Visit for more!

Joe and Team Duct


This looks like a really cool service, with a lot of great functionality for small businesses.

If I may suggest just one thing to really polish the site, it would be to have a copy editor do a once-over on all the text. Copy like “Send us a message in our message box, at or in our chat box below” is a little bit confusing, because the item referred to as a “message box” is an email address, and the “chat box” looks more like a message box, and then you have a live chat system on the site, too.

FAQs is formatted in two different ways: the link says “FAQs” while the header on the FAQ page says “FAQ’S.”

A copy editor could probably find more little oddities like that and help tighten up the prose.

I hope that’s helpful and not unsolicited—the site is beautiful!

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Wow! Great catches. Thank you so much for that. Really appreciate it!

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