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Introducing - the Gaming Industry's Design Platform

Hey Bubblers!

I’m so excited to announce that today I launched the Beta of my app –

Today alone I’ve had over 250 user sign ups, ~100 concurrent active users, and a LOT of BUZZ on Twitter. I could not have done this without the Bubble community.

As a freelance designer I’ve had the pleasure of designing for thousands of streamers, gaming orgs, and products since 2013. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to have worked as a Product Designer creating websites and apps for Curse, Twitch, D&D Beyond,,, and now the Principal Designer at

Along the years, a few things have been very clear to me:

  • The demand for quality designers in the gaming industry is skyrocketing
  • Extremely talented designers exist, but it’s hard to find them
  • Designers in gaming like myself don’t have a platform to call their own

Enter is the gaming industry’s design platform connecting designers with customers looking to hire designers in our niche community for projects like logo design, stream alerts, social media, etc.

Out platform is exclusive and designers need an invite code from another designer on the platform to join. Customers looking to hire a designer can create an account, post a job, and private message designers 100% free.

Dear Bubble and Community
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for an amazing platform to build my… platform! No-code is mind blowing but even more so is the support of the Bubble community. There’s no way I’d get to where I am today without so many helping hands in this community answering questions.

:beers: Here’s to another Bubble app launch day!