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Introducing Ember | Powerful strikes again

Built by the best of the best, Ember is a new system that aims to revolutionise the CAD & MDT industry, bringing realism and functionality to the forefront, enriching the experience for all communities.

:writing_hand: Introducing Pages, the integrated application system
Manage applications, questions, department pages and more with our integrated application system, the first of its kind.

:books: Unlimited Departments
Add as many departments as you want, of type Civilian, Police, Fire & Communications.

:policeman:‍♂ Self Dispatch
Create calls & BOLOs as a Civilian, LEO Officer or Firefighter without Dispatch needing to do it for you.

:credit_card: Civilian Licences
Give civilians a myriad of creative opportunities with Civilian Licences.

:briefcase: Civilian Jobs
Work as a Tow Truck driver, Security officer, or Cab driver.

:world_map: Live Map
See where others are, and what they’re doing with the live map integration.

:link: Discord Integration
Integrate your CAD with the best Discord functionalities, including posting as your own customised bot!

:bar_chart: Analytics
View in-depth analytics into how many members your CAD has, how many calls have been generated and more.

:white_check_mark: Auto Approval
Automatically approve all new users who sign up to your CAD/MDT application.

:blonde_man: Manage Admins
Give tiered admin access to other users of your communities, or transfer ownership completely.

This system costs $15 frontend, and $30 for editor-access. Orders are to be placed via the website, or alternative payment if necessary.

Here is an updated purchase link:

A few things… Will this 30 dollar purchase mean i have to renew it every month or is it a one time purchase lasts forever? Also whats the new discord invite