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🖥 Introducing Encore | The Most Powerful CAD/MDT Ever

Hey there roleplayers,

We would just like to tell you about our latest CAD, called Encore, the only CAD/MDT with a completely new design & unlimited departments!

Made from the bottom up, this CAD/MDT is aimed to bring a fresh, new look to modern CAD/MDTs. With a completely new design and maximum functionality, we’re sure that you’re community will love it.

This CAD/MDT includes:

Unlimited Departments :books:

Add as many departments as you want, of type Civilian, Police, Fire & Communications.

Discord Integration :link:

Integrate your CAD with the best Discord functionalities, including posting as your own customised bot!

Analytics :bar_chart:

View in-depth analytics into how many members your CAD has, how many calls have been generated and more.

Auto Approval :white_check_mark:

Automatically approve all new users who sign up to your CAD/MDT application.

Manage Admins :blonde_man:

Give tiered admin access to other users of your communities, or transfer ownership completely.

Customizable Background :paintbrush:

Customize the background of all your CAD/MDT pages to match your community’s brand.

Global Chat :thought_balloon:

Discuss with other community members about any topic.

Customizable Penal Code & Welcome Message :art:

Customize the login page welcome message and your community’s penal code.

Features also include:

Manage & Create Subdvisions

Approve Requests

Self Set Your Status

Manage & Create News Articles

Integrated Help Chat

This system costs $35 and can be ordered via our website (or join our Discord for alternative pricing).

Enjoy! :blush:

Yes, it approves anyone automatically and you can choose which departments all newly approved users should have.

Hello, I can’t add myself to the administration.

It says invite expired to your discord for me

Hey, @trentfires,

We apologise for the inconvenience, this link should work:

the discord link is expiret

The link is expired and I would like to have a cad for my community