Introducing and here is its story

Dear Bubble peeps,

I like to share my story of building FounderBooks app on Bubble without a single line of code :heart_eyes:

I have been listening to a lot of business books lately on Audible to learn from successful founders mistakes. Every time Iā€™m about to complete a book, looking for new business book ideas to read next. I was relying on Google, which is showing links to the same 10 to 15 books. What is beyond those 15 business book recommendations :thinking:?

So, I have decided to build a portal to curate the business book recommendations by Founders and CEOs. I was contemplating between different ways to build my idea and then I came across Bubble through my ProductHunt friends. Thus, casually started playing on Bubble. In less than 2 weeks, I got the prototype ready without a single line of code. It might have taken at least couple months for me code the same and launch.

Now, here Iā€™m. Just launched FounderBooks app on ProductHunt :heart_eyes: :rocket: If you like the work, give us a vote on ProductHunt. I will be coming back with more ideas, thanks Bubble team for decreasing the product building time drastically. Below is a summary about

  • Discover Business Book Recommendations by categories like Strategy, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Biographies

  • Sort book results by Author name, Category or Founder Name

  • Discover business book recommendations beyond those 10 to 20 copied on all media articles

  • New book recommendations will be sent in a weekly newsletter

  • Amazon book buying links for Hard cover and Audio formats, so that you can get to reading quickly

However, Iā€™m looking for ideas to improve the site speed :biking_man:. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you all and happy building.