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🖥 Introducing Galaxy CAD by Retron Web Services

We would like to introduce to you all our new, unique, completely custom designed CAD, called Galaxy! This CAD is like no other CAD you’ve seen before (we mean it) and houses some amazing features.

  • Responsive Home & Admin Pages

  • Completely Custom Design

  • Global Chat

  • Panic Button (Updated)

  • Home Screen

  • Sub Divisions

  • Patrol Map

  • Account Panel

  • Customize 10 Codes

  • Customize AOP

  • Management Panel (Updated)

  • Announcements System (Updated)

  • 911 System (Updated)

  • Role Manager

  • Call Type Manager

  • CAD Button Manager

  • Server Status

  • Civilian Page (Updated)

  • Customize Weapons

  • Customize Vehicles

  • Ticket Stats

  • Warrant Stats

  • Arrests Stats

We are offering this CAD at an introductory price of $15 until the 4th November, so get it cheap whilst you still can!

To purchase a copy of this CAD, join our Discord server below and create a ticket.

Many thanks to @draked123 who helped with the development of this CAD.


I love it
I have been useing the demo for a while now.

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We just launched a new version of the Galaxy CAD (Iota), with some new features.

  • Discord Integration (Send a message to your server via the panel, send message if user has been approved). You can demo this on our Discord.

  • Access Password Enabler
    You can now enable or disable an access password for your CAD.

  • CAD Name & Logo
    You can now customize your CAD Name & Logo to go on the homescreen of your CAD.

  • Auto Update Reload (Backend Users Only)
    If you make an update in the backend of your CAD, it will automatically refresh the page for your roleplayers on the site right now. No more annoying banner!

To purchase the Galaxy CAD, visit the website below:

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