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Introducing Global Styles Variables – App Font

thanks for your message.
i have recently been asked to join the programme, maybe due to my above message, thank you Bubble, and also passed this onto another dev.

I did not get any emails. Never did for any updates.
Cannot see a setting to change this. Maybe as my account is nearly 5 years old.

Thank you for letting us know. The fix for this is now live!

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Working great, thanks!

I agree. Having, for instance, Header font, Body font, and then a choice for 3rd.

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Looks great! I plan to start using this immediately.

Is there a way to set app wide custom states?

Definitely. Seems in-line with the way most sites are designed in that 1-3 font families are used throughout.

I uploaded my own custom fonts and they work fine. However when i set a custom font as my App Font, the font isn’t applied anymore.

I can see that the font weight feature is trying to apply itself, however custom fonts don’t have this feature as they need to be uploaded one fontweight at a time.

Hello much needed feature for power users and developers! I would also love to be part of the beta testing program. Thanks!

If you made the variable dynamic instead of a static selection and added colors etc to the mix then you will have effectively made dynamic user theming very, very easy to implement. It’s possible now but it’s awkward and hacky. Or allow variables on styles.

But deffo a step in the right direction. :grinning: