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Introducing justPublish! (built on Bubble)

Excited to launch a Bubble-built side project of mine on Product Hunt today. It’s called justPublish, and it’s an app that helps makers + writers beat procrastination. How it works is you post your startup’s domain, when you want to launch, and connect to your social media accounts. When the time comes, it will be auto-published! Instant accountability with a side of potential social embarrassment - works wonders on procrastination! Check it out below, thanks for your support!


hi Brent!

A great idea, and an excellent move :slight_smile:
Already gave you an “Up” and will explore it a bit to share more thoughts :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed on the landing page - As it frequently happens, Safari has it’s own idea of how to render stuff, so a few things could look a bit better for mac users on safari :slight_smile:

That’s a small target group to be focused on, but just letting you know.

@vladlarin Thanks so much! Safari always offers up its own challenges :slight_smile: