Introducing LearnTo: get better, faster, with video lessons

(Note: LearnBubble has rebranded as LearnTo. This post has been edited to reflect the change).

Hey everyone - I’d like to introduce you to LearnTo.

After developing several major products and helping several dozen Bubblers - beginners through experts, I’ve learned a lot about how to reduce the Bubble learning curve.

Think of LearnTo like a Netflix subscription for Bubble:

  • Always new content: 2+ hours of lessons to be added each month along with a “build from scratch” tutorial.
  • Covering every topic: with a current library of 45+ lessons and 7+ hours of content, lessons cover everything from UI/UX, database structure, conditional formatting and more.
  • Propose new content: if you’re stuck, ask a question. If we can quickly create a lesson or it’s highly requested, we’ll add it to the library.

With this platform, my goal is to help users navigate past tough spots and towards successful products built on Bubble.

For early adopters, I set the monthly subscription price is $20/mo.

Questions and comments are welcome!

Dan, creator of



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Love this. Much needed.

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Great work, make sure to submit to

Submitted it just now! And Stakk is looking really nice, great work!

This is awesome!

As someone who is not quite familiar with code, apps, tech terminology and the world of building apps, but wanted to create and build her own app, this is a wonderful resource!

I have tried other resources but this is easy to understand, navigate and utilize. There is so much room to learn, grasp concepts and to do it at a speed that works for you.

It’s affordable (which is great for me) and speaks to my level of understanding (beginner).

Thanks for creating this!

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Looking good @dan1!

Fantastic! Bubblers now have even more options to get up and running sooner with a stronger foundation. :muscle:

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