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💡 Introducing Lightbulb Development - the most genuine CAD creating company

How many company’s that sell stolen CAD does it take to screw a light-bulb in?
They couldn’t, one of them stole it and tried to sell it!


Says the one selling stolen cads…

Wheres the proof i sell stolen CADs?

Where’s the proof @Officer_Stephen sells stolen CADs?

Yes @BradenH, it would be nice for some proof.

We launched our newest CAD/MDT system today, called Project X. More info available in my first thread and via our Discord.

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Nice Stolen Name from Infinity Productions

We the now offering free CAD applications for 24 hours.

They’re not as fake as you.

Edit: Their server has absolutely nothing, don’t even bother.

You replied to my post. Use the correct reply button next time to avoid confusion.

Sorry, my bad.

This company has rebranded as Retron Web Services. More info here :point_down:

Can you remove this picture i didn’t give you permission to have me in your picture

Not really…?

Please check your PMs.

We just released our newest CAD :point_down:

Another discord link, it is expired

Hey there! The Discord link should be fixed, but we will be migrating from using our Discord to the new website to take orders.

New updates :arrow_down_small:

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