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Introducing openBuild - A platform to manage the development of your bubble app. Sign up for beta access!

What a coincidence I planned to update the forum today. :slight_smile: Beta is definitely still open and we would love to have you as a beta tester!

Awesome what do I need to do

Great. Just go and sign up for the beta. We’ll invite you then to the platform!

Can I use this for even if I’m a newbie? :grin:

We mean to have beginners use this but usually the realization of the need for a more structured approach with Bubble comes after your first app. You realize it’s a mess and you make a promise to yourself that the next project will be a lot more structured :wink:

But in a way, that is what you need to go through with Bubble. You have to make those mistakes so you can learn from them! But that doesn’t mean you cannot use openBuild already! Feel free to sign up and see for yourself.

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Already signed up but did not receive any email. Should I wait for your email or it just means that beta is already closed for nee sign ups?

Sounds like an idea whose time has come. Great initiative @vincent56 @mattmazzega. Just signed up for the beta !


No, we will process all betatesters in batches to keep a bit of control in terms of performance. You will be informed soon. Thanks!

Thank you sir. :grin:

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Sir, just a question. Is this for professional plan and up only? Will it work for personal plan? Can’t add a collaborator in personal plan.

The collaborator is on an Agency plan so it should not count towards your total of collaborators. Make sure to add the collaborator with no permissions and you are good!

For me, Personal plan, there is no option to add any collaborator even with no permission. :frowning:

Oops. Sorry, now it’s working. added it as collaborator now.

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How get access to platform? I’m sign up, but don’t get data on my email :frowning:

Hi @Kirill,
Thanks for signing up!

As Vincent explained earlier, we invite beta testers in batch. So it’s not an automatic process.
I’ll make sure you get your invite asap.

Yep! I get the message right now! Thank you!)

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Thanks for letting me in the beta. How can I contribute? Is there a specific part of the application where you would like to have feedback?

Well, while you’re thinking about that :wink: , the area where I’m hoping openBuild will help me is in being consistent.

  • Colors is a big part of it. Is there a way for you to surface all the colors that I’m using throughout the application?
  • the other is Naming Convention. I’m an ungodly mess when it comes to naming my elements. Can you save me from myself?

Edit: I just realized I can submit feature requests:

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I just noticed, I think it’s not as responsive for mobile?

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Hi @shu.teopengco,

No, the beta is desktop only for now. Part of the public release will be about redesign including mobile responsiveness and/or specific mobile interface. On this point curious to hear more when and why you need to use it on mobile? Thanks!

For my use case, I travel a lot. When I have no access to my laptop, I always put my ideas in trello (mobile app) so that I will not forgot the ideas I had. Or maybe, I don’t know how to use it yet.

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Thanks for joining @rico.trevisan. Overall, we try to get feedback on this broad concept of project management tool fully connected to a bubble app. Then, more in details, we are curious for any suggestions about the task management system but also which Bubble data are interesting to gather and why. So, your last comments on color and naming convention make perfect sense. Thanks!

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