Introducing, a pre-order community for founders and entrepreneurs

Hi all,

I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on for the past couple months. Sharing it here with my Bubble family first in hopes that I can get feedback, tips, advice and helpful criticism on all aspects of the build prior to fully releasing it and seeding some early adopters.

The company (and site) is called

The concept is essentially ProductHunt (if you’re familiar with it), but for all things pre-order. My background is in marketing, startups and entrepreneurship, and I’ve always loved exponential platforms that can help founders get some early traction of (users, customers, members, etc…).

Over the past few years I’ve managed to learn Bubble through a couple different side projects, but this is my first time building something that gets released publicly and I am by no means an expert.

Welcoming and appreciative of all thoughts and insights.


Hey, @anthony2,

Looks great, love the idea.

Some feedback:

  1. You can consider replacing some groups (Go to page) to Links, because many people open some in new tabs. Or maybe an Open in new tab button.
  2. When I change of Category, the RG (repeating group) is a bit slow, what is the workflow? Maybe you can optimize some things.
  3. Some Categories appear empty, like Fashion, is this okay?

Congrats to your first public web app, love the domain :grinning: :computer:

Hi @hacker – Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. This is exactly the type of stuff I need.

In order:
1 – That’s a great idea. Adding it to the list ASAP.

2 – Yeah, I’ve had a lot of site speed problems on that frontpage RG. I’ve read a lot of posts and tried to implement what I could, but haven’t seen much of a difference. Here’s the workflow on the category button.

3 – Yeah, I made the categories some time ago, and really haven’t seen that many fashion pre-orders yet, lol. Hopefully that turns around at some point. There are a lot of great entrepreneurs launching things like watches, sunglasses, handbags, etc… all the time, so I’d like to be a place for them too, but nothing yet so fingers crossed.

Thanks again for the feeback and kind words!


Okay, why are you using so many Set state, what do you want to achive with this button?

Yes, that´s great

Also, you can take a look a this, really recommend it

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Wow, that is a guide book I needed at the beginning of this build! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check it out.

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