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Introducing Qoins (Built on Bubble)

Very impressive especially the backend api integrations. Shows the power of bubble! I was debating doing a mvp in Rails but decided Bubble is much faster. Thanks for the confirmation of it’s bubbly power :wink:


same here @john3 hehe

We’re on the home page of Product Hunt today! Woohoo!



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Impressive! Congrats on the great press and putting a bit of bubble-love into the universe!



You should contact Dave Ramsey for a plug. He has a national financial radio show that is all about getting out of debt AND he loves entrepreneurs!

Could be a positive for Qoins and Bubble!

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Thanks @katcabin-bubble!

Definitely adding that to the list!

Great product! Can you share how the funds actually move? i.e. is it ACH, ATM network, etc?

Hey @bubble.steven,

We withdraw money from users’ accounts via ACH and we pay debt either electronically (if they accept it) or by check.

Congrats @natedogg! Well deserved.

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Thanks Nate. I would like to chat with you offline about this if you are up to it. We are building a product called rent2home that will help someone who is currently renting, qualify for a mortgage, get some help with closing costs and purchase a home. As part of this service we will be making their rent payments and will be debiting their accounts using ACH. Currently just doing it manually with our bank, but looking at various other cost effective options, and it would be great to get your thoughts on this. Not sure if there is a way to do a private chat on this forum, but will check. Thanks

Do you have an affiliate program?
More important, do you have a good patent attorney? Written correctly, this is a gold mine.

Congrats on the launch. How do you actively monitor our accounts? Is this something you do manually? Or use a third party app to do for you?


Hey @isaac.triston,


We use an API called Plaid to pull in transaction and account data for our users. Each day we run recurring workflows that pull in transactions, round them up to the next dollar, process payments and more.

Back on the front page of Product Hunt today with our newest updates! (Currently ranked 10th)

Show us some love if you can!


Wow awesome man! Nice job :thumbsup:

4 years past. How you are doing guys? Reached your goals?

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Indeed, coming up on 4 years!

We’re still going strong. We haven’t accomplished everything that we want to do yet, but that’s just the nature of business. It’s hard.

We raised a round of funding in 2018, and we were in the process of raising again pre-COVID-19.

So far our customers have paid off over $12 million of debt.

We’ve got a blog post with Bubble coming out soon, so stay tuned! :shushing_face:


Qoins success story and @natedogg creativity excited me to discover Bubble. Thank you for your inspirational guidance.
The iOS and Android app UX is seamless. Is it still Build on Bubble after such growth?

Hey @osoulaimani! Our UI is native code now, but our backend is still on Bubble! :muscle:t5:

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