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Introducing the Bubble Shop

This announcement is a bit different from the usual ones. It started as some users were asking a few months ago whether we had some T-Shirts to help promote Bubble. And we didn’t. As a bootstrapped startup, and very (if not totally) product-focused and community-centric company, marketing is not something we had focused as much so far.

After a successful experiment, we’ve happy to launch the Bubble Shop where you can buy such gear (mostly T-Shirts). We’ve tried to come up with something that isn’t too commercial (smaller logo) and promotes the No-Code movement in a fun way.

We’re not taking any margin on these sales, and while we don’t expect this to become the next Zara or H&M, we hope this will be a fun way for our users to help us spread the world and show that they are proud members of the Bubble Community. We hope you enjoy wearing them!

Thanks for your support and help!


link to editor? :grin:

We could have done it in Bubble, but if there is a tool that does what you need in a few minutes, it’s not bad either (shopify). You have to choose your battles :slight_smile:


We’re not taking any margin on these sales : I took it to encourage Bubble team… (I thought it was a fundraising…)

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