Introducing the No Code Sports League

Building software is now a spectator sport at!

I used Bubble to create a platform for head-to-head, real-time competitive software building using no code tools. Matches last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

We’ve had some great matches with competitors building on Bubble, including where one competitor uses Bubble and the other uses another platform. Pictured below is a Bubble vs. Softr match.

We’re gearing up for the March Makers Tournament - so sign up and get your game on!

Houman Shadab
Founder, No Code Sports League


Hahahah I can’t believe my eyes! We humans are such creative creatures :relieved:
Well, good luck with that, I’ll keep an eye on it as it seems so amusing.

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The No Code Sports League ( pays competitors based on ticket sales - so I hope Bubble makers join and compete for no code glory!

We are also holding a No Code Dunk Contest on March 26th at 5pm EST for anyone to show off their most impressive skill live - participants are limited so register now to save your spot!

The No Code Sports League has a super exciting Bubble builders match next week March 10 at 2pm EST, including the boss himself Nigel Godfrey.

Available live and on demand: No Code Sports League - Bubble Battle: Nigel Godfrey vs. Garrett Scott · Luma

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