Introducing - Online scheduling for plumbers & electricians

Hey Bubblers! :sunglasses:

Have you ever needed work done around the house like plumbing or electrical, decided to go online and get some help, only to realize the property maintenance industry is still working like its 1999! (Emails & phone calls - not the party) :partying_face:

Introducing , it’s an an open calendar service designed specifically for the property maintenance industry, so customers can see their availabilities and book them online with instant confirmation. No more email ping pong to find out when the plumber can come around.


Here is a demo for a quick test drive.


  • Service providers can customize all aspects of work schedules
    • Bookable time slot duration
    • Work day & start-finish time
    • Block out time offs and vacations
  • Multiple booking resources - from owner operator to companies with large resourcing pool
  • Customers can reschedule and cancel on their own
  • Simple and intuitive interface for providers to manage their bookings
  • Intelligent algorithms to minimize between job travel time by scheduling nearby jobs together is now live and looking to increase our user base. Please share and spread the word if you like it! :grinning: :heartbeat:

To the fantastic Bubble community - I would love your thoughts on the app, anything from UX to value articulation. Look forward to your feedback!

PS This app has been built with assistance from the awesome @romanmg :clap:, it simply wouldn’t be here without her.



Looks great! Best of luck growing the business :+1:

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Hi @vstsang - I’m getting an error when I go to Is the site still live?

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