Inverse responsive wrap

Hello Everyone,

Here is my problem, I have 2 groups and I would like to have control over which one is wrapping to the next line.

Currently, I have Group A and Group B as follow:

When the page width is being reduced, Group B is wrapped to the next line.

How could I make Group A be wrapped to the next line in this situation instead of Group B?

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Thank you.

Oof… That’s a tough one. I don’t think that’s actually possible, but what IS possible is to simulate it. The first question is: do you know where your breakpoint is in terms of page width? If so, we’ll call that x (940px?) and go from there.

Make another group (group c) and put it below the group a and b line. Make it invisible on page load and add a condition to make it visible only when page width < x.

Go to your responsive editor, and add a hiding rule to group A on your breakpoint.

Put the exact same content (reusable group?) in groups A and C. Should do the trick.


Ok, thank you for your reply @duke.severn

That solution is what i’m currently doing to “trick” bubble.

Thank you anyway :wink:

A quick idea comes to mind.

If possible make ‘Group A’ a reusable element. Set the type of content to number.
On the main page, add this reusable element where required. So on the left side (next to group b) and then on the other side, so 2 instances.

For the one of the left side, set the data source to a number e.g.
And then the other reusable element that will be reordered when stacked e.g.

On this page add a ‘Do when a condition is true’ like the following:

Note: Idea not tested, but should work

Ideally in the responsive engine, we need a new feature option to ‘Reverse the wrap order’ (checkbox format).

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Thank you for your reply, made it work both ways.

A checkbox doing it automatically definitely would make it easier :wink:

it’d be nice if there was a plugin for this

for finding plugin you have to explore it on google.