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Invisible / deleted divs, ie bubble-r-box are blocking clicking of my elements. caching issue?

Hi bubblers! I’m building an ERP and working on a journals module.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’m having an issue where the ‘clickable box’ of a field or icon is mis aligned. The field is not disabled, but only responds when clicking to the upper left or upper right of the element. I’ve checked padding, checked if disabled etc with no luck. Has this happened to anyone? See screenshot.

I’ve had it happen before and it was usually because there was another element overlapping the area I was trying to click.

It looks like you have some other elements in the main group that probably have some other workflow triggers associated with them, such as the dropdown menu or the input elements.

My guess is that these are causing your workflow action that allows you to edit to not fire, because you are not actually able to click the group these elements are contained it.

I’d do a quick test of my theory by deleting the dropdown element, preview and check if you can click where it used to be, if you can, then you know the issue is the other elements…after the quick test on preview just go back to editor and undo the change so you get your dropdown back.

Thanks. I’ll check this out and post results.

Be sure the browser zoom is at 100%.

I seem to have found this issue. There are a few invisible divs that I wasn’t aware of drawing, ie bubble-r-box and bubble-r-line. I can’t even find them in the editor, but they are here in the HTML. This is so strange. can someone from @Bubble help?

more screenshots. no elements to be found in the editor. my guess is that it is deleted elements that were never actually removed from the page script. I can rebuild the page, but it would be a hassle…

Those elements are an integral part of Bubble’s layout engine.

Have you checked if elements are overlapping in the editor itself? If not, are there any plug-ins or HTML elements on the page that could be overriding styles?

Just found it. Thanks! it turned out to be a hidden groupfocus element from my reusable search bar.

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