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Invisible element is visible

Hi guys!

I just cannot find the reason why is the icon element that should be invisible is visible during the run.
Could you, please, suggest, how to find the reason?

I have an icon that is invisible on page load:

I have only one condition that makes it visible:

I run debug. And I can see that this condition is false and Icon is not visible:

But it is still there:

And I have no idea why and how to find the action that makes it visible.
I think, I don’t have the workflow that can make it visible:

The only action I use - is to show the Popup that is a container for the icon:

I’ll highly appreciate any ideas.

Try clicking on the button that shows the popup in step by step mode and see if an action overwrites that status of the element. Keep in mind an action wins overs a property in a condition.

Thank you. I’ve tried to do it, but didn’t find anything. But then I remembered about the Element inspector feature (very helpful !). And found another workflow that really made it visible. It wasn’t obvious, because it’s an action on the popup сlosing.
So, you are right, Action wins Condition with a crushing score. :slight_smile: My fault.

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