Invisible group doesn't let me click element behind it

So, I have a picture uploader with an invisible group on top. The problem is that the invisible group prevents the user from being able to click on the uploader.

These are the conditions I created for the group.
Captura de ecrã 2022-08-20 163636

How can I make the group completely stop interfering when it’s invisible?

Hi @sofsmendonca
I tried to create this situation but i am not sure this is what you want
For example:-

Here i selected Picture Uploader & select “Bring to Front” then my picture uploader doesn’t get unclickable

Hi! I’ve tried that already, the problem is that I need the group to be in front…

Try using the “collapse when hidden” option under layout.

Thanks for the help! This actually helped me find out what the problem was. I stupidly had the “this element is visible on page load” box ticked, hadn’t even though of that.

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