Invisible group prevents clicking element behind it?

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You can’t click on a clickable element that’s behind an invisible group right? Bringing the clickable element to the front is not a solution in my case because the invisible group also contains clickable elements that on a condition may be visible. I have 8 groups layered on top of each other, all invisible and all with clickable elements with visibility conditions. The reason they need to be in separate groups is because the elements have specific sizing, and I’m pretty sure element dimensions are not a dynamic parameter.

I worked around it, but could be helpful to have an option for invisible elements to be fully transparent. I can see why the way it is now can also be beneficial though.

Instead of hiding the upper level clickable elements based on conditions, why not just hide the groups that they’re in?

If the group is hidden, everything behind it is clickable. If it’s “visible” but transparent, then nothing behind it will be clickable.


Yes, have you looked at the “Tab Element” in the Element Templates (at the bottom of the left hand side list),

This does pretty much what you want to do, it has 3 hidden groups that appear as you click their tab.

Having group and (transparent/with background) Multiline input in the group - that has workflow (clickable), whereas the Multiline input which is in (front) of the group absorbs clicks (of the group).

How that is possible?


Both Clicks (1/2) are triggering the group (white space around the Multiline Input), why, how? :slight_smile:

how did you do it? I’m struggling with this right now and can’t figure it out