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Invisible Text Box

Okay, this sounds stupid even to me, but I made a text box on a form conditionally visible. Now I can’t see it in the editor either. So… What am I supposed to do with it now? How do I make it visible again, in the editor?

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In the list of elements on the left hand side it will have a line over the “eye” icon - click that and you should see it again

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Make sure you test on safari.

nice call! Indeed, my conditional text is not working in Safari. @mishav - any tips on rectifying?

One workaround is to make it visible on page load, then conditionally invisible, with the condition true at the start.

Possible downside is the control showing momentarily on page load, probably more likely if the condition is dependent on database data.

There are a few other threads about this on the forum, maybe other workarounds.

Good luck!

That did it. Thanks.

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