Invite A Member To Join A Thing


I have created one-page app with /dashboard, and manage almost all workflows for the existing User who is the main user of the application.

Now, from the repeating group, there exists a list of Members (linked to a Thing that is managed by a User, say Team Leader, team leader manages projects and a project has tasks). I want to add a Member to the existing Thing in the repeating group (fixed, with other fields as pending), however once the “add button” is clicked, a Thing is added to a Thing, and also send an email where on the next page /member, a Member will firstly enter their email and will proceed to fill the pending fields, later once done, those fields need to be updated back to a Thing.

Entity Relationship:

  1. A Member can only belong to one Thing, a Project
  2. A User, Team Leader can manage many Projects.

How can I proceed with this functionality?

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