Invite Only app


What is your suggestion to set up a invite only registration. And when i say invite only i mean by the admin. So people would externally apply and admin would send e-mail invites with the e-mail that would take users to the account and then would set it up themselves. It is too complicated?

Thank you very much

Hello @lawlingo43 Welcome to the community!

From a technical perspective whatever UX you want to build should be straightforward. No problems with using Bubble to build the UI and logic to accomplish:

  1. Setting up an application form some place on the home page or landing page where all entries would go to a section in an internal admin page where the admin user would approve or not. And if approved the account created in the system and an email sent to the new account holder with login instructions.
  2. Setting up an onboarding experience where the user at the end will be informed that the application will be reviewed for approval. These entries would follow the process laid out in point 1.
  3. Setting up a simple message indicating that someone will contact him/her.
    etc. etc. etc.

Hope the above helps to spark a few ideas! :smiley:

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