Invite users and restrict access to those invited?

Is it possible to invite users and only allow those users who have been invited to join the app? I want to only use the app with a small team to start, but I’d also like it available on the app store and Google Play.

You can protect some pages or groups with a condition on the element (or the Page is loaded event - see the condition less). You should mark invited users as ‘invited’ and check this field.

Also, keep in mind out iOS app generation is in beta for now. We’re going to push more early 2016.

One way to do this is to set up a list of approved emails. So when a user goes to sign up, you can check to see if their email is included in the list of approved emails. If email is not in the list then can block registration as a user.

Just requires a new data element called ‘approved emails’ and can upload a list of those approved emails easily.

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Does that mean there is no way to publish as Apps yet? I was under the impression that is possible from the site:

Bubble supports building mobile web apps and native apps that you can deploy on the different stores.

Right, we generate iOS apps but some features (like facebook authentication, etc.) might now work yet.

Thanks for the suggestion to add a list of approved emails. I’m a little stuck in the process though. This is what I did:

  1. Create a new Data Type called "Approved Emails:

    • Created a new field for it called “Approved Email” as a list of texts.
  2. Added entries of email addresses into the app data section.

  3. (Stuck Here) - How do I check to see if the user’s email entered at the sign up screen is included in my list of approved emails?

I tried this but I’m still stuck at Step 3:

3a: On the workflow page, I when to my event “When Button Sign Up is clicked” and added the following to “Only when”. For reference, my sign up input is called “Input Email”.

Only when: Parent group’s Approved Email’s Approved Email contains Input Email’s value

3b: Under that event, I have a call to action called “Sign the user up”. I also added a Only when here…

Only when: Parent group’s Approved Email’s Approved Email contains Input Email’s value

  • Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix my problem. Now the sign up button is unresponsive all together.
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You are likely to be better off defining “Approved Emails” as multiple records, with a single email field. And have a “signed up” flag".


Then check the count…


That worked!! I have to say that I don’t understand how though.

I don’t quite understand the logic or significance of the Customeremailcount being < or >0?

It worked though. Thank you Nigel!

That is just my old-fashioned paranoia, so …

If you sign up if and it either does exist on the customer email table and has not yet been signed up, then it let’s you sign up. The reason it is > 0 (it should be 1 in 99% of cases) is just in the rare situation there are two records with the same email address. That way the signup handles it.

If you sign up if and there are no records on customer email table (either not set up or already signed up) then it will give you an error. If for some bizarre reason it returned a negative count, it would handle that as well.