Inviting "Attendees" to a certain page that is restricted to admin and attendees

Hi! I’m trying to allow an ‘admin’ user to invite ‘attendees’ to a page that is restricted to just the admin and the users invited. I’ve created the following workflow, but don’t understand how to send the ‘invitee/attendee’ to the page, and in turn how to restrict that page to those users. Also, I’d like to add that new users nick name and email to the repeating group below. Any help is much appreciated, the part I’m stuck on is below:

I’m unsure what dynamic data to put in the link portion to direct them to that specific page. Also unsure of how to restrict that page to the current ‘admin/attendees’ and add that to their “list of trips”

Here’s a photo of the backend data with “list of upcoming trips” - not sure where to attribute this trip to that user or how to do that.