Invoice number based on date input´s year date (SOLVED)

Thanks a lot @NigelG ,

The way you say is to store in a field the extracted year of the invoice so then I can make a lookup, right?

The status you mean saved on the database right? With some text field that can say “active” or “deleted”.

The problem is how to make the whole search of the latest invoice number from a particular year and retrieve in the same page the new one.

Let me know if explained well because it’s a bit hard for me.

Hello @NigelG,

I´ve achieved this:

I´ve tested but it seams that I´m leaving something because it´s not working.

Maybe I should have a field as a counter on the invoicecontrol´s thing? I´ve tried with no success.

I think we´re really close, what do you think?

Thanks a lot for your help @NigelG

Hi there , im trying to achieve auto numbering of pages as they are loaded. for example, if i load a page for the first time , the number should be P001 and if i load it a second time, the number should be P002.

Also im trying to create automatic numbering for a list of items such that as items are added, the serial number corresponds to the position of the item in the table for example when item one is added it picks serial number 1 and when item two is added it should pick serial number 2. This should be limited to one page and should always start at one once a page is loaded.

How can i achieve this? I really need help. Thanks so much