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Ionic Checkbox clipping

My app makes considerable use of ionic checkbox and notice recently that sides are being clipped. Does anybody know what has changed
Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 2.52.50 pm

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I’m also having the same issue since a couple days. hope it gets fixed soon

Yep mine too!

I didn’t have many so I just changed to other icons and toggles but you can submit a bug report to have bubble look in to it :slight_smile:

Having the exact same issue. It looks pretty bad doesn’t it. Anybody figure it out?

I am also having this issue. Has anyone filed a bug report?

I have just submitted a bug report

Having the same issue. Also reported a bug.

@skinnydow and @robert Rather than wait on a fix for this I decided to create an icon (2 actually one for off one for on, or checked) that fit’s the look and feel of my app. Made one red and the other light grey. When the icon is clicked the image changes to the other. Also in the work flow I added the result I wanted from the check box. Basically overlap 2 icons. One maybe being a circle the other being a circle with a check in it. They can be any color you want. Hide one when the other is visible. Much more customizable!

That works well. Many have gone this route to get the look and feel they want.

Bubble has fixed this issue.