Ionic Checkbox n'est pas visible en preview

Bonjour à tous, :wave:

J’essaye d’utiliser la Ionic Checkbox mais malheureusement celle-ci n’apparait pas en preview,
avez-vous une idée ?

en développement

En preview

Merci :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Just thought I’d post a translation so that we may find an anwser, since there’s nothing else in the forum.

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to use the Ionic checkbox but unfortunately it’s invisible on preview mode, do you have an idea why ?

Weird… I’m not seeing this on my app. Do you have It view on page load?

I do, and it’s not part of any groups that aren’t visible on page load. In editor it’s set as below in my last test :

But in preview with the inspector it’s marked as non visible :

Weird, have you filed a bug report?

I sent it as a review on the plugin page but I did not think of filing a bug, since bubble made the plugin. Will do, thanks

turns out it was another plugin interfering with Ionic’s styling, Styled Checkbox (@sam.alygoda FYI)

I uninstalled it and the Ionic checkbox is visible. Now I have to figure out why it seems cropped on two sides haha.

Oh… that makes sense. Yeah, the Styled Checkbox is meant for the default Bubble Checkbox