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Ionic Toggle Plugin

Hi hi I am new here and working in a number of lessons on how to create an app in Bubble. The current task says to get the ICONIC Toggle button by upgrading to next level, which for me is personal. That done I still cannot find the Iconic Plugin, which has this toggle button in its collection. WHY is this? is this plugin no longer functioning or what? Any light you can shed on this matter would be appreciated. Really frustrating after paying more $$ to access something that does not exist???

That sure is frustrating. :cry: Let me see if I can help.

Try searching for Ionic. It should come up in the plugins, I don’t think you need to upgrade to the personal plan to access this free plugin either. Not sure why they said that. hmm :thinking:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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nice, Thanks glad to see that it worked for you! why does it not work for me in Firefox browser even after an upgrade?

Check the word again…Ionic :blush: I know the words are easily confused. I thought the same thing when I first started out.


geezz… why is it not named Iconic? what does ionic mean, anyhow? lol… thanks so much…

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I agree 100%. Not sure. :blush: You are welcome. This is a good post, I am sure others will have the same question.

iconic : [adjective] of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon. vs Ionic of, relating to, existing as, or characterized by ions… geez… confusing much… on my mental models here… :slight_smile:

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it’s the very definition of Toggle. :heart_eyes:

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Yup, I would agree with you for sure. :+1:

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Hey J805,

are you the creator of Ionic Toggle?

I have found a small issue with the toggle.

If you wrap the Ionic Toggle with a group. Then assign a workflow to the group to change state on click (setState of the element) then try to click on that group, the workflow doesn’t trigger. If you take out the Ionic Toggle from that group, the workflow triggers.

Hey @cryptoinwestorka :wave:

Sorry, I am not the plugin creator. Which plugin are you actually using? Can you send a screenshot of the plugin page maybe? Hope we can show you who the creator is. :blush:


ahh. I am dumb. Should have checked the plugin site. :smiley:

Its Ionic Elements - Bubble Docs

So it’s from Bubble. This one is causing the bug. :smiley:

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Good catch. I would recommend reporting it to Bubble so they can fix it. :blush:

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Done that. They are investigating it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.

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