iOS app payments outside of Apple and iTunes?

Can I deploy a free app through The App Store that later uses another credit card payment system for premium upgrades without paying Apple’s cut?

Hi @c.knight55

In other words, if they end up catching you to do it, you know what’s going to happen. So the best approach to saving 30% is to ask your users to log in to your website for prices and packages. If your profit margin is very good, then share with Apple :slight_smile:


So project management systems, and such, that are primarily web apps that later add an app to the system, are paying Apple 30% of their subscription fees…even when the app is downloaded to just access the platform from another device? :grimacing:

Generally nobody charges for an app to access their service. Eg. Netflix does not charge users to ‘download’ their app. When the user opens the app, it requires they login before anything is rendered to them. To login, you need an account with a paid subscription. If you don’t want to pay 30% via IAP to Apple, simple make the app useless to users until they go to your website and signup / subscribe.

This is what Disney did with Disney+.


That’s what I was thinking. It seemed i misread one of these comments that caused my question.


John, thanks for your succinctness :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there are three versions of my app available through Bubble:

The Index web page
an index-mobile web version (320X640)
a native app version

For the native app version, I can only use one page. No problem, but that means only one index webpage version, so larger screen users will still only see the 320 X 640 web-app version).

Can I have the native app (and the webpage version it comes from) call a webpage (click here to see our upgrade offers) and would that then mean including another page ?

I’m just not sure of the logistics of making a one-page web-app that can be turned into a native app, that then calls an outside web-app for further info and payment processing of upgrades.

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Hi @c.knight55

You can not redirect to another page and ask to make the payment, this is against Apple’s policy. Simply display a warning to access your website from an external browser. You can’t be inside your app to make the payment.

John, thanks very much. I’ll go that way.

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My understanding is that Apple takes a 30% cut from digital services, but 0% for tangible products. For example Amazon doesn’t pay any fee for selling products on its iOS app but they redirect you to their website if you’re trying to buy an audible book (digital product)