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IOS App Store Best Practices?

So we’ve been trying to launch to the IOS store for 3 weeks now. It seems that they always have yet another change they want us to make before it is good enough until they finally just said that they want a more “robust experience” for IOS compared to the web app. Very unspecific and open-ended.

So this may be helpful for a lot more than just us…

What are you best practices for making your IOS app unique and store-worthy? Thanks for sharing!


Hi Alex,

Two things come to mind.

  • They like to see an app using as much as possible the phone’s assets
  • If you are wrapping your responsive app into their store … they do not like that. Consider building a new page mobile-only, where users scroll through the date carrousel instead of bubble’s datepicker … etc etc (I am not saying that your app does this … I mention this only to illustrate my suggestion)

Hello @alex.p

Everything looks ok except for an overly pronounced website look. If it still refused, replace your menu with four icons at the bottom when you detect iOS or Android (see plugin). :wink:
Be clear with them with that change.

You can find many tips at 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:

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Are you using any native features, most importantly perhaps push notifications?

This is pretty important. Adding a floating group at the bottom with icons as navigation is a good way to make a web app feel more like a native app when viewed on mobile.

Pretty much everything mentioned above should get you approved.

I have not yet wrapped a Bubble mobile app. I am preparing to. Will plan to use push notifications via Codeless Academy or BDK via onesignal. My comments on app store preferences comes from publishing native mobile apps via other platforms.

In our most recent submission (which is under review), we added the lower menu, push notifications, native sharing, and a credit card scanner. So we are hoping that works!

Here’s to hoping that’ll do the trick! Let us know when it’s approved.

@cmarchan I’ve used BDK a couple times and have nothing but good things to say. Well worth the $349 if you don’t know how or don’t have the time to wrap it yourself.

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