Ios appstore server to server notifications

Hi everyone,
I have been able to set up some in-app purchases with my ios app, using a wrapper however, I have not been able to verify the user purchase server side, because I have not been able to configure bubble to accept and show me the server-server notification. I just want to know if anyone has done this and can guide me through this. thanks

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Hi @alexdeveloperamaku,

What wrapper did you use?

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Webview gold

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I have found a way to get notifications back but it is encoded as JWS, is there any plug in that can decode JWS to extract the document.

Doument here is the JSON

Just wanted to chime in that I’m researching the same problem also using webviewegold. I expect to need either custom Javascript or a plugin like this that creates/verifies signed JWTs. Json Web Token Plugin | Bubble

I’ll try to post back if I put together a solution.

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Here’s what I’ve found out so far.

  1. I used “Request a Test Notification” procedure to get a test call from App Store to my API endpoint.
  2. Then I used “Detect” feature of my Backend Workflow API to read the call and setup “signedPayload” variable. You have to temporarily set your API Sandbox Server in App Store to the …/initialize URL. (Side note: Setting up a Sandbox account is required to accomplish this and it’s a giant pain. You must create a new Sandbox user and use an actual device to run the tests.)
  3. Then I used Server Script feature of Bubble ToolBox Plugin to run code to parse the response.
    function parseJwt (token) {
        return JSON.parse(Buffer.from(token.split('.')[1], 'base64').toString());

    var serverJSON = parseJwt(data);

This is just something to get others going in the right direction if you can’t find a solution. I’ve also used a JSON Generator plugin to convert JSON to String because the Server Script feature seems to only like string data. Look at your server logs as you run tests to help find server script errors.
I’m sure there’s a better way, but so far this is working for me.

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Hi @rob.lewis,

Does this solution still work for you? I’m having the same IOS server to server notifications bottleneck.