iOS compresses video capture to 360x480 - Is there a way to bypass?

So I’ve created a demo app for a client, the idea is that their influencers would open the app, login, select a music track they like, type in their message title, then record what is essentially a selfie-video of an intro statement, then a key message, in two separate takes. From there bubble is uploading the files to an API that stitches together a final video with music and graphics in mear seconds, then previews the final video in the next page to submit for approval by my client. So far it’s all working wonderfully and the client loves it. The only problem I have is that Apple / iOS in all their wisdom automatically compresses video captures to 360x480 - which is great for UX, but terrible for resolution. (My client intends to use these for a convention opener and a large 30-foot screen.) On a side note, Android uploads full res 1080x1920 which is great - never thought I’d say that.

So my question is, does anyone know of a plugin, or workaround to have the user record a video capture, that would then upload to bubble or AWS a full res-video without compressing it first? I’m assuming this would have to be a native app to accomplish this - which sucks.

A non-ideal workaround is if the user uploads a previously recorded file, but then I lose the app walk-through of prompts and options.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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I’ve found that even if the video is saved to my reel and then uploaded it still compresses. They only thing I know to do is share it to “files” and then send the file.

I would love a solution as well

I would try to upload the file from the file manager. I believe uploading from reels vs from the file manager might lead to different results. Report back!