iOS keyboard question

Hey guys,

When I click on a “send message” input field the iOS keyboard pushes my element and repeating group up, but doesn’t push it back down when I hit “done”. Does anyone know how to fix this so it adjusts back up? Screenshots are below.

Hi there, you sent me a PM as well. if you use font size less than 16px in your input field, iOS will not push the keyboard up. So use eg. 14px etc.

Hey @joshua.luna0,

I would try checking the box for ‘prevent user from zooming’ under Settings > General > IOS appearance

I don’t think this affects the keyboard though, at least it doesn’t on mine.

@cowontherun The font size has been 14 the whole time. Could there be another solution? @lantzgould the box is already checked.

Test at 9px just to be sure?

The same thing happens. I could make the top header a floating group so that it shows, but it always will leave the gap at the bottom from the keyboard. Any other ideas?

@joshua.luna0 did you ever find a solution to this?