iOS mobile compenents unreliable (picture uploader, drop downs)?

Example: I’ll click the picture uploader element and this menu won’t appear as it should.

I’m also talking about the drop down options. When on mobile it seems to use a native iOS compenent/ drop down.

Both of these fail regularly for users and for me. I can’t figure out why. Anyone esle see this?

I’m using most recent version of iOS with safari and have it saved to home screen (like a PWA).

I’ve had this problem for a while now. I never used the drop down element in the past, but now I added it and I see the same issues as the picture uploader.

This makes me think there’s an issue with how bubble apps communicate with safari on mobile.

Hi, I notice that problems with dropdown or picture uploader on Iphone usually come after deploying a new version of my app after it has been installed on the home page.
It sounds silly but it always go back to normal after restarting my phone.
If it helps…


Thanks! It seems to happen without a recent deployment. I can’t figure out what it is. Would love to hear more feedback from others.

I’m still having issues with the mobile menu not appearing when I press the picture uploader.

After a lot more testing, I can confirm the following:

note this only applies on iOS after adding to home screen (like a PWA).

1. This has nothing to do with 3rd part plugins
I’ve tested extensively with plugins off. I also created a compeltley new app with only a picture uploader element. The issue persists.

2. This ony happens after the app is updated
As @cascam mentioned above.

3. The issue is intermittent.
I can’t figure out a way to recreate the issue 100% of the time.

4. The menu does actaully appear, it’s just invisible to the user.
I’ve accidently clicked on “choose file” and “take photo”. The menu from iOS is actually there. It’s just completely transparent or something.

UPDATE: The issue is ongoing and appears to be more frequent.

I’m hoping more people are seeing similar behavior on safari PWA.

The issue is happening now without making changes. I thought this only occured when I shipped an update. That’s not the case. It has issues all the time.

When you tap the picture uploader the iOS menu for Photo Library, Take Photo, and Choose File does not appear.

Thanks! Could you give a bit more detail on the HTML tags you’re talking about?

I’m using the native bubble picture uploader element. It works 98% of the time. But 2% of the time the iOS menu of “Photo Library, Take Photo, and Choose File” (image below) does not appear when I click on the picture uploader element.

I’m assuming the HTML tags do actually exist if the element works 98% of the time.

I checked out the plugin and the awsome youtube videos. Looks promising.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 4.39.21 PM

update to the iOS mobile uplaod issue on PWAs: bubble support was able to reproduce the issue. they told me it’s an issue with Apple and not bubble code.

it’s been a few months and the issue still happens.

here’s people outside bubble with similar PWA issues: React PWA IOS/Safari click event on file input sometimes not opening menu - Stack Overflow

Same problem with PWA in IOS environment with dropdowns…

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Yep, still an issue. I’m surprised no one else is mentioning.

This is a huge issue.

Update: six months later and this is still an ongoing issue.