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[🐝 IP Address Complete #Geolocation] Error in console "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED"

This is a support request regarding the plugin [:honeybee: IP Address Complete #Geolocation] - @vnihoul77

When adding the plugin and enabling auto detection, I get the following error in the console:

If you try opening you see that this domain is not available at all.

As far as I see, the plugin still receives correct geo data in the background.

Indeed, it looks like there’s an issue with that ipv6.geojs address. I’ve had success in the past with reaching out to other developers via Github. Create an issue here: Issues Β· jloh/geojs Β· GitHub

HI @rico.trevisan,
I wrote a review, and they sent me here. So I hope they will see this :slight_smile:

Oh, I see, it’s a paid plugin. Anyway, I think it was temporary. That ipv6 address is now responding.

Apparently I don’t have an IPv6 IP so the whole domain is not accessible for me and the plugin script fails.
In that case there should be proper error handling implemented.

Could you check if you have the correct IPv6 issued by your internet provider? Most providers only provide an IPv4.

Error handling is difficult in this case as this is not a javascript error but a browser error which is told to fetch this URL.
So if that’s not the case, the error can be ignored, it shouldn’t have any impact on your app whatsoever.
Hope this helps :sweat_smile:
If really that’s an issue, we could arrange a full refund.

@rico.trevisan Indeed, their API was indeed down lately!

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