IP address for Database Connection

The last thread I could find about this was in 2017, so I’m hoping things have changed. I’m trying to connect to an outside database (MySQL). It requires the IP address of the connecting computer.

  1. Where can I find that IP address?
  2. Is it still dynamic?
    3)If it is still dynamic, can I still use it and change it routinely?

Any news here? Same problem.


Same need for me. I read several topics on forum without success.

I’m using bluehost.com for my external database. You need to set up an “access host” (that’s what it’s called on bluehost). Since bubble.io has ever changing IP addresses, you need to utilize whatever “wildcard” character your service uses to set up the “access host”. In my case, that’s the % symbol. The access host address that works for me is as follows:


Hope this helps.