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iPhone loading deleted information (Resolved)

Edit: Deleted page in Bubble, then reset it.

Whenever I do a preview of my message inbox page on either a Macboook or iPad Mini, it renders using the information I edited. If I use an iPhone it reverts back to all the information I previously deleted/edited. It’s a super weird bug… I think.

If I go to it populates just as I would expect it to. Any ideas? It’s been doing this since last night but I attributed it to fatigue.

Try logging in as dylan password dylan if you’re so inclined. On computer it’ll work, but on mobile it goes back to all the information I already deleted. =/

How it should be

How it shows.

P.S. Shout out to Air-Dev’s tab widget.

I’m having the same problem. The thread says resolved, but I’m still not sure of the solution. Any help?