Ipiphy "Know your location: Block or Allow"?


Any way around this when using Ipiphy to now ask each user if the user wants to allow or block the location fetching on the browser level?


Maybe another plugins or ways?


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Are you saying that Iphiphy no longer automatically provides the IP address and it now requires the users consent?

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Yes, it seems so.

I’ve been suprised as well when accidently noticing on a team member screen. Not good UX. Is there any other way to make the user onboarding process less “clicking”, or to add additional button to share a IP (location) as to create a better UX?



This is interesting, in the last SaaS I had and ran, I used ipiphy without any issues so it’s disappointing and disheartening to hear it no longer solves the problem it once did.

I threw together a quick tool here:

It originally was for User Status (Idle, Active, Hidden), but I also added an IP element that will grab a user’s IP. I tested it with just myself, so it’s not “fully tested,” but with AdBlock (which was a problem with most IP tools if I remember right) and without it seems to be working for me currently.

Hope this helps. You can see it in action here:
No I do not store any of the information shown or displayed back to you

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How about ipinfo.io, do they store data? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway it’s blocked by any ad/tracker blocker that uses easyPrivacy lists since few years


Haha, they seem pretty reputable, so I have faith in big-business doing the right thing /s

In seriousness, was a quick solution for a fast turn-around time, just a free solution that may work for some cases :slight_smile:

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Hi @draked123 and @dorilama,

Thanks for the inputs here.

User Status Plugin works very well on the “test page,”, but only one plugin download at Bubble? Not sure if bug or else.

Ipinfo.io, yes, very professional and credited service. It seems so, but I am not sure due to the pricing and the importance of having such a feature in our app, where we try to simply process as much as possible.

Ipiphy works a intended. One get’s IP without user consent.