Ireland not recognized as country in geographic places search

Hi there. I’m encountering a weird issue with the geographic places search. Basically, the text “Ireland” isn’t recognized as a country. If I type “Dublin, Ireland” in the search bar, it will extract Ireland as the country, but if I type “Ireland” in the search bar, the country extract is blank. I tried this with a bunch of other countries and I only have this issue with Ireland.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or how I could fix it?

Screenshot 2024-02-13 102221

The issue seems to be that you likely have a space in front of Ireland…try typing into the input without a space at the beginning so the input starts with the letter I instead of an empty space…you can see in your screen shot how the formatting is off for Ireland versus all other entries.

No, sorry the formatting definitely makes it look that way, but none of them have spaces in front of the input. I even tried entering " Germany" and it correctly recognizes the country and extracts it, there is something different about Ireland…really strange :laughing:

I am not having the same issue. I do not experience the issue if there is a space in front of the country name or not (when added to searchbox element)…the only time I experience the issue was when I mistakenly selected to extract County instead of Country as well as when my free account, which doesn’t have Google Places API keys, and thus is rate limited to 6 calls a minute had reached that limit because of the number of results I had the searchbox show.