Is anyone else having issues with Undo?


I’m wondering how many of us would like a better undo feature that would list each action that is about to be undone? I work with several tabs open to different pages in an app. Several times I have have to utilize undo and it doesn’t undo what I last did to my app in the current tab. Instead it has seemed to undo some change made quite some time ago in another tab.

So far my main use case for Undo has been when I notice that something I have recently done has caused several issues of unknown origin. Sometimes I don’t notice the issue until a little while after it has occurred. I then have to undo a random number times to revert back to a state with 0 issues. Sometimes that works well and sometimes it has caused major issues by causing unknown items to be undone.

If the undo feature could display a list of items that it will undo, then I would know exactly what was being undone (and in this case know that it was properly undoing the last few changes I made). Now, it’s scary to utilize undo because I’m never really sure what it is going to undo.

I know I can use Save Points, but I would have to be constantly create multiple save points which is very unwieldy.


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This idea has come up many times, and there are at least 4 posts about it on the ideaboard, with this one having the most traction… you can upvote it if you’d like.