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Is anyone else in app timeout hell since yesterday?

Hi All

Has anyone else’s apps basically died since yesterday, workflows timing out, pages really slow?

Our performance had been really well tuned, our pages were efficient, we had worked really hard getting everything working. We run a lot of workflows and we have always tuned them to space apart the iterations so that we do not max out the app.

We are on a professional plan so we pay a decent sum of money to host our app; I am not moaning about a badly written app hosted on a free plan.

Since yesterday’s outage on our site which bubble’s status page says they rolled back, I’m basically dead in the water. My workflows do not survive to completion as the app times out. I do not have much appetite to go in and slow them down and re-tune them so we don’t max out the capacity again if this is a temporary issue.

If it is a permanent state of affairs I’d like to understand what was traded off for my reduced capacity and if I’m getting a reduction in fees for it.

Anyone else struggling?


Hi, we are also experiencing some issues since a couple hours in our app. We are also on a professional plan and several users have told us they can’t use the app.

@emmanuel is this something that can be solved?

Same our side. Have upgraded plan now to most expensive, still backend is timing out even on a simple renaming on a thing. Really troubling and our customers are noticing!

It showed up on the status page a short while ago and now appears to be resolved for us at least.